Mexican poker players

Every year professional and new casino gamblers visit top resort destinations around the world to gamble and lose some steam. This article will take you into the journey of a top Mexican resort known as Playa del Carmen and its poker playing services. We will also answer some popular questions you need to know about the resort and poker players visiting them.

About Poker Playing at the Playa del Carmen

Thousands of people troop into this resort to enjoy the range of services offered at the Playa del Carmen. This resort is located in the third larger city in Mexico.

Various poker players always converge at this resort to compete against one another with numerous mouth-watering attractions. Obviously, they are multiple poker games and slot machines to enjoy.

Frequently asked questions 

Is it legal to gamble in Mexico?

Yes, gambling is legal in Mexico as long as specific rules are followed. All operators must use Mexican servers in all their online gaming. All players must be above 18 with a verified ID. Are there taxes on winnings in Playa del Carmen? Under Mexican laws, there is a percentage you pay to the government on winnings. However, if you are a United States citizen, you are exempted as long as your victory does not exceed $500,000.

What are the payment methods at the resort and poker tables?

All major credit cards are accepted like visa and MasterCard. You could also pay with bank transfer, PayPal, skrill, and Payoneer. Some Mexican casinos also accept cryptocurrency.

What is security like at the resort?

Major poker players and highly placed citizens visit the Playa del Carmen; therefore, safety is paramount, and there are several guards and CCTV. However, tourists are always advised to have their IDs and stay within the resort.

I am a poker player coming from outside the USA, how are the visa issues?

Mexico does not have a strict visa policy, mainly if you are European. You will be given three months visa with an option for extension.

What are the best casino joints to play poker?

There is a plethora of casino places in Playa del Carmen, and they include Grand riviera casino, Winpot casino, jackpot casino, amongst others. There you will find various casino games like poker, roulette, keno, crisp, and blackjack.

Where can I lodge at this resort?

Several affordable and exclusive hotels are available as cheap as $10 per night. They include Hotel hacienda, la Reina Roja hotel and boutique, Riu Palace Riviera Maya, and The Royal Hideaway.

What is transportation like around the resort?

Various taxi services can get you around at a cheap cost.

Who are the top Mexican poker players that regularly come to Playa del Carmen?

Yearly, top players around the country visit casinos at this resort to compete against one another. Some of them include: Juan Carlos Alvarado, Luiz levador, Angel Guilen, and Tim Cramer.

How is the nightlife at the resort?

Night-life, especially for poker players and fun seekers, is very interesting. There is always music and club discos all night long. You can never find a dull moment.

We have been able to explain all you can enjoy at the Playa del Carmen and the top Mexican poker players that patronize the resort. Gamble responsibly!