Welcome on POKER IN USA.NET, your unique poker website dedicated to texas hold’em. This portal provides gamblers from everywhere in the world, Estonia, Gana, Russia, etc., as long as you speak English, with in-depth advice to help them playing optimal texas hold’em. Whether you are used to playing for fun at a web poker room or for real money in a land-based casino, all the information we highlight is likely to help you increase your probabilities. Thanks to POKER IN USA.NET, you may also win extra cash!

Who are we?

POKER IN USA.NET is run by a team of professionals who have been playing and practicing texas hold’em as well as other great popular varieties for over 10 years on the best tables of Las Vegas. Some of them also right for their native language blog like Jurgen our swedish guy who owns the following website. Visit it if you have time and of course if you speak Swedish. Most of them are used to playing at the Vegas, Tihany and Los Angeles poker rooms, we even have an online casino specialist who owns in parallel a French website called However, others play regularly in betting sites such as online casinos. At the end of the day, POKER IN USA.NET is managed by true experts of the gambling field. You will definitely benefit from the best tips and advice here and will enjoy numerous opportunities to both win more money and improve your skills at poker!

What do we offer?

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POKER IN USA.NET provides gamblers with a wide range of different services. The site first explains the basics of texas hold’em poker which can be found in the beginner’s guide at the top left hand corner. If you are fond of probabilities, POKER IN USA.NET also provides poker odds and calculators. On top of in-depth poker advice, this independent website presents some tactical content throughout strategies and winning methods’ explanations. Eventually, each of our visitors will have the opportunity to practice poker for free thanks to our unique trainers! You can expect the best training you ever received because our trainers come from, an amazing website in Germany.

Who is site destined for?

POKER IN USA.NET is destined for all the poker players who are willing to capitalize on detailed advice on texas hold’em. In contrast to the other poker guides that are too often full of ads, fake content and malware, POKER IN USA.NET is a safe and secure interface. It covers diverse topics that players will find useful in their daily activities: a dozen strategy articles as well as guides for beginners to learn from, elaborate tactical content for professional players to get their teeth into and much more! I f our readers succeed in grasping the understanding of the strategies POKER IN USA.NET provides, they will be better than 80% of regular poker adepts, which means that they will also have better chance to win!

Did you know that most of the poker professionals who compete in the greatest world events nowadays were former online gamblers? You can also be destined to a life of fame!

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