Sharing Your Game and Interpretations With Someone Else

Sharing your game and interpretations with someone else Sharing your game and interpretations with someone else

Keep a critic eye over your game

Those who play online poker often, have at least a friend who shares their passion for this game, someone who is capable of understanding the intricacies of no limit hold’em. With plenty of delicate hands being played in each session, it is worth having someone to talk to about those pots that represented the highlight of the day. Retrospective is an essential tool in determining whether you are improving your game, stagnating or regressing and four eyes are always better than two. One of the challenges is to implement theory into practice, to make sure that you don't repeat the same mistakes. It is not very easy to keep a critic eye over your game, especially if you lack the experience so there is no shame in asking for a second opinion.

By presenting a recent hand accurately to a knowledgeable friend, you might find interesting things about your play, things that you would've otherwise ignored. Many players feel that they could have played a hand differently and achieve better results but need someone else to confirm or contradict their theory. The advantage of analyzing your former hands in the company of another poker player, is that you get an honest and unbiased opinion and improve your game without resorting to a trial and error system.