The Benefits and Pitfalls of Short-handed Games

The benefits and pitfalls of short handed games The benefits and pitfalls of short handed games

Short-Handed Games Strategies, Benefits and Pitfalls:

The fact that an increasingly high number of players are favoring shorthanded games over full ring ones, is the best proof that there is more than meets the eye about these tables. One of the things that is certain is that those who choose them enjoy having a lot of action at their table and don't have the patience to wait for their turn. Some of these players are grinders who strive to extract as much profit from the hours spent in front of the PC, others are simply beginners who think that poker is all about the adrenaline rush.

Having said this, one of the benefits of playing shorthanded games emerges as everyone wishes to have as many rookies at the table. Variance is perhaps the greatest enemy for those who choose 6max games, but it can be offset with proper bankroll management and by respecting a couple of common sense rules.

Going on tilt is more likely when you play at shorthanded tables, and having an important part of your entire bankroll invested at the single table doesn't help at all. It is very important to control yourself and avoid getting tilted if you want to become a winner and a successful poker player. If you are to put your entire stack in the middle with a mediocre hand, it is critical to note that in case you lose, you can immediately rebuy to max. The closer you are to the brink, the more likely it is to depart from your A-game and make silly mistakes in an attempt to recover from even a mild downswings.

Bankroll management is not a fad and every professional poker player who is still around to make money at the tables, will confirm the fact that playing in bankroll is what kept him alive; this shows how important your bankroll is. You can still feel comfortable at a shorthanded table even if you've played most of the time in a full ring, as long as you have over 20 stacks behind you. Discipline is a virtue in online poker even more than it is in live events, but it is easy to slide and the right bankroll management will be your only safety net.

Since you encounter more weak players at the tables, it should only be a matter of time until you amass a healthy stack in front of you. At the same time the risk of suffering heart breaking suckouts is increased, hence the chances to go on tilt after consecutive events of this type is considerable. With a clear mind and enough money in your account, it is less likely to succumb to temptation and focus on short term gains instead of long run benefits.