Stop-loss Limit and Choosing Between Fixed-limit and No-limit Poker

Stop loss limit and choosing between fixed limit and no limit poker Stop loss limit and choosing between fixed limit and no limit poker

The importance of setting a stop-loss limit

Online poker presents unique opportunities but at the same time poses specific risks that players need to be aware of if they are to stay profitable. The number one threat is tilt, which defines the inability of a player to react in a positive manner to a lengthy or dramatic losing streak. Most of those who lose a lot of money suddenly or can’t put an end to their losing streaks are predisposed to go on tilt. No Limit games are more dangerous, because the amounts that can be lost in just a few hands are considerable.

Razz is essentially a fixed-limit games which means that the risks are mitigated, but this doesn’t render a stop-loss limit useless. At prospective players can learn a lot about the best starting hands, the similarities with Stud Poker and which strategies are profitable. All this specific information is useful, but protecting the budget against downswings is just as important and this is what stop-loss limits are good for.

Just like the name suggests, players are supposed to decide for themselves how much money they can afford to lose in a single session before they put an end to it. This can vary from a couple of buy-ins to a fixed amount, but the bottom line is that everyone should have a limit that when reached will trigger a swift end of the game. The goal is to survive and fight another day, so that you won’t squander your funds in a single unlucky session.