Important Decisions in Razz Poker

Important decisions in razz poker Important decisions in razz poker

Identify and prey on calling stations

Many beginners dislike and some even hate players who show no initiative at the table, but after they learn how to beat calling stations they will end up loving them. After all it is very difficult not to like someone who is funding your everyday expenses and doesn't even represent a challenge at the poker table. The concept of calling station is self-explanatory because it depicts players who are reluctant to bet no matter what hand they have and prefer to simply call.

They assume that by reacting to someone else's bet they are not only mitigating the losses in case something goes wrong, but also puzzle their opponents. It is of course nothing more than an illusion, because exactly the opposite happens and savvy poker players will take them for all their money. No Limit Hold’em is a game that favors the bold and once you know how a calling station thinks, it is only a matter of time until you will double up on them.

These guys don't protect their hand which allows others to play a broader range of cards, and occasionally make a better hand on the board. Those who know how to bet and find the ideal amounts, will eventually make the calling station pot committed and capitalize on his reluctance to fold hands. The beauty of playing against such opponents who don't like taking the initiative, is that you are in total control of the pot. You will see many cheap cards and if you don't make your hand you can simply lay it down and wait for a better opportunity. More information about the rules of poker can be found in the articles posted on

To draw or not to draw

This is a question that many players tend to ask themselves on the flop and this is an important decision because in most cases there is a real chance of becoming pot committed on the next streets. There is no rule that applies in all situations, but while each hand is different and the decision depends on several factors, there are some things that players must consider.

First of all it is important to know that if your opponent has a set or two pairs and you hope to make your flush on turn or river, you are the underdog. You will win less than one in three hands, which makes it obvious that calling a large bet is not worth the risk. Even if the opponent has nothing more than a top pair with a decent kicker, you are still not favorite to win and the most you can hope for is a coin flip.

Basically the only situation when it is justified to call an all in, is when you already have a top pair and a suited card would also give you the color you are hoping for. If three cards of the same suit appear on the flop and you don't have the Ace or the highest card of the same color, you shouldn't call an all in for the sake of a draw. There is always the chance of losing even if the turn or river brings the desired card, and you wouldn't want to be drawing dead.