Different Situations in Razz Poker

Different situations in razz poker Different situations in razz poker

Choose your opponents wisely

Those who play live poker know how important it is to know your opponent and those who do it for a living are careful whom they play against. This seems to be a luxury that online Razz players can’t afford, because there are simply too many players competing. Big poker companies such as PokerStars attract hundreds of thousands of players and although Razz is not as popular as Texas Hold’em, there are still thousands online at any given time.

Informative as they are, these articles shouldn’t be the end of your research because equally important it is to determine how to pick your opponents correctly. There are two ways of doing it efficiently and the most popular one is involving the using of poker tracking software. These follow all the players around at the poker table and provide the users with comprehensive data about their behavior.

Knowing all this makes it easy to determine whether to bet or fold a hand, but these applications shouldn’t be abused and players should refrain from playing on auto-pilot. Those who don’t trust the software or don’t have the money to buy it, can take manual notes about the players they are facing at the table. On the long run they will have enough data to draw some educated conclusions and to adjust their strategy against these players.

Learn from your own mistakes

They say that experience is the name that we give to our mistakes and given the fact that the lessons we learn for sure are triggered by events that affect us personally, the statement rings particularly true. There are ways of mitigating the costs of these mistakes or reducing their frequency and in online poker the best solution is to conduct comprehensive research. From websites such as https://www.pokerinusa.net/ that teach novices how to play Razz to forums where players discuss specific hands, there is plenty of useful information to assimilate,

Mistakes are inevitable though and once you sit down at a Razz table you will surely commit plenty of errors, and valuable lessons can be extracted from most of them. Equally important is to learn from the mistakes made by other players, but in order to do that you need to be aware about everything that happens at the table. Pay attention to how your opponents play from position, how they bet on each street and when they attempt to bluff their rivals, but also try to evaluate the outcome of their actions.

The reason is to determine whether you would have played in a similar fashion or not, and also to figure it out what kind of player you are dealing with. It is vital to single out a tight player before going against him in a pot and to find out how far an opponent can be pushed around, when holding the worse hand.