Choosing Sit and Goes Over Major Tournaments and Poker as a Passion

Choosing sit and goes over major tournaments and poker as a passion Choosing sit and goes over major tournaments and poker as a passion

Why choose Sit’n Goes over MTT

Some players assume that the only choice they need to make is whether to play cash games or large tournaments, but the truth is that there is always a middle way. One of the main advantages of choosing these competitions is that they don't last more than an hour, so players don't have to commit an entire day to poker.

This is the best alternative for cash games, because although you can't afford to leave the table when you please, the waiting time is much shorter. While this is as close as it gets to keeping poker hours flexible, the goal is to last for as long as possible and only leave the table when the winner is decided. In order to achieve this, players need to know how to play in each stage of the sit’n go, because the rules are similar to regular tournaments, but the differences are significant.

The similarities include the requirement to play very safely in the first phase, and only enter the game with premium hands. Calling all-ins with anything but nuts and second nuts is not advisable, unless you have good reasons to suspect that your opponent is overplaying his hand. As the sit’n goes the reaches its final stages, players should shift into aggressive gear and cash on their opponents excessive prudence. Everyone hopes to end in the money and this makes them vulnerable to those taking calculated risks.

Don’t turn poker into gambling

If you want to differentiate yourself from other players who regard poker as gambling, there are two important things that need to be done. The first is to admit your ignorance, and no matter how good you think you are, never put an end to the research. Whether you are in the early stages and seek some pointers about how to maximize your chances when you sit down at the table, or look for advanced strategies, it is important to remember that research goes a long way.

The second thing that prospective players need to do is not to put all their hopes in large tournaments, because these events are very difficult to win. Well before they get the chance to actually win a prize, many see their budgets exhausted or have their lifestyles affected in a negative manner. Cash games represent the obvious alternative, because these are the exact opposite of tournaments and are a more reliable and sustainable source of money.

On the other hand, there are players who dislike the system and play their A-game only when competing in tournaments. Their best option remain multi-table tournaments and singe table ones, and for each of them there are plenty of new things to learn. Thanks to websites such as which contain relevant information that is constantly updated, players are always kept in the loop. After learning about all the pros and cons of single table tournaments, users can make an educated decision.