Razz Poker Overview

Razz poker overview Razz poker overview

In Razz poker you win with the worst hand

With Texas Hold em being the most popular type of poker right now, many find the rules of Razz complicated and stay away from it. This is quite a shame, because with a little research one can master this dynamic and highly strategic game and some of the information they need can be found online at https://www.pokerinusa.net/. Picking up the basics is fairly easy and it all begins with the starting hands, which in terms of value, are the exact opposite from the ones in Texas hold’em.

The player who has the lowest valued hand wins the pot and straights or flushes have no worth at all. Another particularity of Razz is that when you play this game, the Ace is the lowest card as it counts as 1, which is pretty ironic because it still makes it a desirable card to hold. One of the most visible difference is that in this game the players are being dealt three cards, one faced up and two faced down. The one that can be seen by everybody is not a community card though and can only be used by its owner.

What makes Razz so special and strategic is that other players have some solid knowledge about their opponents’ cards that they can use. It pays off to have a good memory and to keep in mind what cards the other players were dealt and act based on this information. By keeping track of the so-called dead cards, one can better determine the odds of making the better hand, therefore bet accordingly.

Start your Razz career from scrap

Whether you are an established poker player willing to experiment something new, or haven’t played any similar games in the past, Razz can be a great game to discover. It combines the thrills of any card game with the strategy specific to poker, not to mention that it is favoring interaction and socializing. Those who don’t want to get ahead of themselves, can start by playing it online and taking advantage of the numerous promotions and welcome bonuses.

PokerStars for instance is offering customized packages for Razz players, so that their deposits will be matched by some free money. It is possible to start your career with even less, by playing in one of the many freerolls or even joining play money tables. All these choices will help beginners pick up the basics and claw their way upwards without risking their own money. Last but not least, the benefit of playing poker online is that you can learn while you earn by reading informative articles.

Those who have some experience with the game can still benefit from reading texts about the importance of strategy and psychological aspects that are common to all poker games. Naturally, nothing can be regarded as a substitute for practice so freerolls and play money tables remain the ideal proving ground for those who are searching for a lucrative hobby.